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2012-08-25 12:40 am
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Join FaeUniverse


A fan of the hit show Lost Girl? Are you Team Dyson (fae)? Team Kenzi (human)? Or Team Bo (neutral)? Come join [community profile] faeuniverse, where fun and challenges await! Challenges include, but not limited to puzzles, graphics, writing, luck, and much more! Apply here to participate in round one, which is set to start Septemeber 3rd! 

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2012-07-21 11:14 pm
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50 Once Upon a Time (1x01) Icons

I was just a tad bit bored tonight... :D


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2012-07-18 10:50 pm
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Goodbye (1/1)

Title: Goodbye
Length/Word Count: 1174
Pairing/Characters: Kensi
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own it :)
Summary: A Sans Voir (3x24) Missing Scene. 
It’s a cloudy day, a taste of sadness hanging over the air. With the promise of rain on the horizon, people start arriving at the scene. Most people already found their seats save for a few. Those people slowly make their way towards their seats, as if they don’t want to be there. Three people in total: three men and two women dressed in black. Some co-workers, others friends, two of them acquaintances of the deceased.  In all reality it’s the last place on earth they want to be. Yet it’s also the only other place they would not change going to.  They wouldn’t miss this chance for the world. The chance to say goodbye to their fallen comrade.
Not everyone could make it. One was arrested, while the other upped and disappeared. Nothing could be done about that though. Right now the focus is exactly where it should be. Paying their respects to Special Agent Mike Renko. He was a son and friend. A man who was important to many people. But, maybe just a tad more important to one person. 
Special Agent Kensi Blye can’t believe this is really happening. She’s here today to bury a dear friend, someone who was her brother, in every sense of the word. There was just a small problem of blood. Each step she takes just makes her want to turn around and run, to never look back. But she can’t. Instead she carries on; she doesn’t keep walking once she reaches her seat. Instead she takes a seat in between Sam and Deeks, with Nell and Eric sitting on the end.
For a moment her composure slips: her eyes water, and her lip quivers. But that moment was enough for everyone to see the grief swimming behind her eyes. Her body tenses as she feels someone sliding their hand onto her clenched fists, which she put on her lap. After a moment she relaxes and accepts the offered comfort her partner is offering. She offers him a quick smile when their eyes meet, but only for a sec. To anyone watching it would look like nothing happened at all. 
“We are here to remember the man who was taken from this earth too early in a tragic accident.” From here she tunes him out. Not wishing to hear the cover story one more time. So far no one poked around the holes surrounding Renko’s death, but maybe that’s a matter of time. Everyone must still be in shock. Kensi understands the cover story is necessary but her heart and head have been battling for days over his death.
Her heart says she should grieve. To give herself time to say goodbye, but she can’t seem to give in just yet. Her head is the main reason for not giving in. There is still so much more that has to be done. There has to be a way to get Callen out of jail. Hetty needs to be found. There just isn’t any time. 
She finally snaps out of her internal monologue when Deeks squeezes her hand once more, noticing that his partners’ attention had wandered off. The priest had stopped speaking, a moment of silence was asked for to honor the dead. 
Soon it became time for the lowering of the casket. As they did that, the song I’ll Remember softly plays in the background. For moments nobody moves. Then slowly one by one, person after person gets up and approaches the grave to say their final goodbye. From there they headed off towards the place set aside for the reception. 
After a few minutes the area has cleared out. Now it’s their turn. Eric goes first, with Nell as support.
“We’ll meet you at the car,” Eric informs before he gets up and walks those ten heavy steps.
Sam goes next, but before he does he clasps Kensi on the shoulder and presses a tiny kiss to her head. Giving Deeks a look as he turns to go. Understanding what he’s not saying out loud, Deeks nods in response. 
Sam takes longer, giving Deeks a chance to check on his partner. Taking a deep breathe Deeks looks towards his partner, “You okay?”
Scoffing she replies, her eyes focused on the area where his grave will be “Can anyone really be okay with this?”
“Honestly….? No, if you were I’d be worried.”
“Just give me some time Deeks, ask me again next week. Right now there is still so much that needs to be done.”
“And it will get done, no one will forget about Callen or Hetty. Right now though you should focus on this. Give yourself today; give yourself the time today goodbye before you start trying to fix everything else. Take all the time you need, we’ll wait for you. We’ll wait forever if we have to.” With those words Deeks squeezes her hands one more time then reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out one white rose and lays it on his seat that he just left, hoping she will understand. Like Sam he gives her a kiss on the head, but unlike Sam he keeps his lips pressed against her head for a longer. Giving her a small amount of comfort, that she needs and will accept now, but knowing after the service, once she has said her goodbye, she will go back to being Special Agent Kensi Blye instead of just Kensi Blye. A woman who just lost someone who she cared deeply for. 
He then turns and walks to the grave and says his own goodbye to the man who he met a few time, yet, he never got to really know. 
From her seat Kensi watch this with cloudy eyes, as she refused to let the tears fall. For five minutes after Deeks left she just sat there staring at the grave, though it felt much longer. Slowly she picked up the single white rose Deeks left behind and got up from her seat. Step by slow step she walked towards the grave that will now forever become the home of Special Agent Mike Renko. Her first partner ... Her friend ... Her brother. After what seemed like years she reached it. Standing there she looked down at his casket. Not saying anything, silence surrounded the air. Her grip slowly loosened on the rose and it fell down. Coming to a stop on the end of the casket. As it hit, a tear escaped, falling down her cheek, a tear she made no move to wipe away. A few minutes later she turned as if to walk away, but stopped. She couldn’t leave without saying this, even though it made it so much more real. With two words said she turned once again and walked away, towards where her team was waiting, ready to fix what they could.
No one near enough to catch could tell what she said, yet the wind around the grave picked up the two words as clear as day,
“Goodbye Mike.”

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2012-07-04 08:23 pm
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The End?

I forgot about this. Made it back in March when I was still active with Crimeland....

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2012-06-27 08:05 pm
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Those Nine Words (1/1)

Title: Those Nine Words
Length/Word Count: 1567
Pairing/Characters: Kensi/Deeks
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own it :)
Summary: Nine little words can sure surprise a girl. Those words are even better when they lead to an unexpected future.



Those Nine Words

They were at his place having a nice dinner; they were curled up on the couch next to each other. He even had some candles out around living room. Two on each end table, with the lights dimmed, it created a nice romantic feel in the air. The silence was actually nice, there was no urge to fill it with small talk. Everything seemed to be going great until he said those nine little words.

“You are a good person and I love you,” the love of her life, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks started his sentence with those nine words that made Special Agent Kensi Blye freeze. Heart pumping faster, she tries to ignore the lump forming in her throat, trying to pay attention to her lover, but she can’t seem to concentrate on what he is saying. All she can hear is the blood roaring in her ears. But the last time she ever heard those words, it wasn’t pretty. Those words only brought a broken heart, the very thing she’s tried to avoid ever having to experience again. It’s why it took so long for her to open her heart to him.

It all started soon after she met him. They spent weeks, month, even years flirting around each other, each ignoring the elephant in the room. They worked as partners for as long as they have known each other. One night… one impossible night… everything just came to a standstill. Over that last year, many things took place: rescuing Hetty from Romania, Deeks pretending to get fired, and now this. She had finally caught the guy who took everything from her, the guy who had murdered her father all those years ago. She spent the day chasing him, leading him away from her team, just so no one could get hurt. At the end of the day she was lost, she had no purpose now… she had finished what she set out to do. After talking to her mother Kensi had no desire to be alone. Talking with her mother made her realize something.

She, Kensi Blye, can’t go on like this. Day in and day out it’s the same: go to work, catch some bad guys, work on her father’s case, and go home. Home… Go home to an empty house, where the only sound heard is from her reality TV show watching. She can’t do it anymore. It may come to some surprise but she wants to hear some child’s laughter filing up her house. She’s even up for the white picket fence, the whole shebang.

There is one lesson her father taught her all those years ago that will always stick with her. He would say, “Kensi, remember Baby Girl … Nothing good ever comes easy, if you really want it go get it and don’t let anything stand in your way. It’s yours; all you have to do is take it.” Looking back, she realizes he’s right. She’s tired of being alone, so why doesn’t she go for it. She knows why… she’s scared. She has spent the last 10 years or so guarding her heart from ever becoming vulnerable again. So what should she do? Go for it? Or keep on ignoring the big elephant between them. After today she’s inclined to do the former. Going at it alone really sucked, there were times where all she wanted was to hear his voice. She even broke down and called him once, but she couldn’t find the courage to let home in. For his safety, she reasoned every time she talked herself out of calling.

Lost in her thoughts she didn’t pay attention to where she was going. She only noticed where she ended up, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks’s apartment. Wincing when the pain in her side became noticeable, Kensi slowly made her way towards his door. Pacing back and forth in front of his door, she couldn’t make herself knock to alert him of her presence. So lost in thought she didn’t pay attention to her surroundings until…

“Kensi….” His voice breaks her out of her musings. Startled she turns quickly, twisting her ribs in the process. Breathing in deeply she tries to regain her breath, holding her side as she waits for the pain to leave.

Cursing he quickly rushes to her side, and leads her inside. Making sure she’s settled on the couch, he goes to the kitchen and comes back with an icepack. Sitting beside her he helps her carefully press it to her side. Not saying anything, he just sits there; it’s up to her to make the first move… to tell him what she needs.

As the pain subsides, she turns to study him. Wearing fresh clothes, his hair a little darker than usual, with his hair just beginning to curl. He looks like he’s just come from the ocean, from surfing. At the moment though, nothing matters. Not today, nothing. At the moment their eyes connect and the world stops. All those fears that were coursing through her mind earlier are nonexistent. Nothing else matters, except for the look in his eyes, the look that has nothing except for love shining through.

She ended up staying that night, and the next. Over the next few months they never really defined what exactly was happening. There was no need. Everything was going good … great even, nothing seemed to change other than the fact that there was now a “thing”. She thought everything was going great, up until tonight, when he started with  those nine little words, and her whole world stopped.

Kensi remembers how it felt to wake up that Christmas morning all those years ago, to find everything exactly as it was the night before. Only there was one small difference. Instead of her fiancée sleeping next to her there was a letter. A letter … that to this day she remembers word for word:

 Dear Kensi,

You are a good person and I love. This just isn’t the life I’d hope I have. The life I wanted for us. I woke up this morning with a moment of clarity, clarity that has allowed me to see everything that has been going on lately concerning me, you, even us. I know with everything that has been going on lately, things have been different. Instead of becoming closer, we’ve been drifting apart. Looking back now, I can see how it all began. The only thing I can say is that I’m sorry. I’m sorry our life we were supposed to live together has turned into this. I hope one day you can forgive me for this. It’s just …. I’ve seen you late at night, poring over those files, looking for some clue into whatever it is your hiding from me. I took a second to see for myself what you’ve been working on and … Oh Kensi, why could you not just tell me the truth. At first I thought I could have helped you, but then I realized I couldn’t help you in the way I’ve been thinking of. No, you should be free to pursue until you learn the truth. You remember the saying: If you truly love someone then you have to let them go. Well … Kensi, baby I’m sorry. But this is it… you shouldn’t be stuck here, not like this. I know you, you’ll find who did it and baby, I wish all the luck in the world in your endeavor.

I love you and I always will,


“Kensi…Kensi…” Noticing the faraway look in her eye, he tries to get her attention.

“Yea-” she responds, her voice barely more than a whisper. Clearing her throat she hopes her voice comes out stronger, “Yeah, I’m sorry Deeks. I must’ve spaced for a second. You were saying?”

Concerned he tries to catch her eye, but it seems she’s determined to avoid his gaze. “Are you okay? You’ve been awful quiet tonight.”

“I’m fine.”

And he thought he broke her of that habit. Now he knows something is definitely wrong. First he felt her tense in his arms and now she uses the phrase “I’m fine”, this was not going as planned. He knows it a big step but he didn’t think it would go like this. “You only say your fine, when you’re not,” he points out.

“Deeks,” she sighs. “Just finish what you were saying.” She doesn’t want to prolong this anymore than necessary. If he’s going to say what she thinks he is then there’s no point in prolonging the experience. She’d rather know now than in 5 … even 10 minutes.

“Are you sure? We could just forget this ever happened?” he suggests. “That didn’t some out right… I had this whole speech prepared. It was actually quite good if I do say so myself. Here, I wrote it down somewhere.”

Impatient she turns towards him and glares, “What are you talking about?”

In one move he slips off the couch and kneels in front of her. Taking a piece of paper out of his pocket he reads, “You are a good person and I love you Kensi Marie Blye.”

Her mouth dropped open at this. What the heck is he doing?

Using his other hand he presents a box to her. Slowly opening it he asks, “Will you marry me?”

A/N: This was my entry for Challenge 25: A Softer World

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2012-06-15 12:49 am
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You Have the Right



It has a cover! Well a few options for the cover. A revised Chapter 1! And a Chapter 2! It's posted on FF right now, but I might post here!

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2012-06-14 08:44 pm
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My Ood


It's the Ood! Though I think somethings missing...

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2012-06-01 12:07 am


Since it's past midnight here.... It's officially ONE WEEK until graduation!!!!! Getting my AA this semester and entering my program in the fall.... I couldn't be more excited.  Can't you tell?  Now to just get through finals week...
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2012-04-22 08:15 pm
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Just Another AU Fic (3/?)

Title: Just Another AU Fic
Disclaimer: Don't own anything....
Rating: T
Summary: Sam and Jack are unaware of each others part in the Stargate Program. They are married and have a kid. But a Kinsley conspiracy will test their marriage, their trust, and each other. It's a definite AU one, as my title points out. REVISED!

Chapter 3

"What the hell?" a voice yells, as Sam tries to get into a better position on the hard uncomfortable ground. Laying there Sam is confused, who would want to shoot at them? Jack works at the academy and she is just a consultant with on Star….

A light bulb goes off. Many people would rather see the Stargate Program shut down. Would they be willing to kill over it? It seems a bit excessive. If she was really the target, then why did they not take the shot earlier when she was out here alone? If it is not her, then that means Jack is… Now it does not make any more sense, he works as a training officer at the academy…

"Stay down!" The order brings her out of her thoughts as her eyes flick towards her husband when he pulls out his berretta and scans the scenery.

Not used to seeing the military side of him Sam does as he said. His eyes displaying a hard glint, not directed at her. But it makes the situation more terrifying.

Scanning the surroundings Jack doesn't see anything. It is a high possibility that the police have already been called by the neighbors, yet he pulls out his phone and dials the SGC. When he is connected he immediately issues orders, "Direct me to General Hammond ASAP."

His tone makes the airman on the line wince, "The general is in a meeting sir. I have orders not to interrupt for anything."

Frustrated, Jack takes the phone and stares at it a minute. There is no time for this, "This is an emergency airman, shots were just fired outside my home at my wife and I," then he adds sarcastically, "Does this count?"

Taking notice of the Colonel's voice, the airman immediately directs his call to the briefing room. Informing the general of the situation Jack closes his phone and sighs. Making another call, he makes arrangements for Charlie, "Thanks Kawalsky, we'll meet you back at base."

Taking another look, he realizes they're too exposed out here in the open. "Sam come on," helping her stand up he hurriedly leads her back towards the house.

Once they reach the living room, Sam wretches her arm out of his hold, she twirls around to face him. "What the hell is going on Jack?" she demands. Not waiting for an answer she continues to rant, "Who did you call? Why would someone want to kill you? You work at the Academy for god sakes, that doesn't strike me as a place to get you killed." Something else is going on, just looking at him tells her that. His expression is locked into his military mask, mouth set and eyes focused yet nothing revels anything. "Tell me what is going on or so help me…"

Listening to her, Jack slowly takes a few deep breathes. Who would want to shoot at them or him? Kinsley is at the top of that list, he would have hired someone in a heartbeat. Who ever did this, they will catch them, he is sure of that. "Sam, calm…"

"Don't tell me to calm down," she tells him. "One minute we were on our way to Charlie's…" she stops just as a realization struck him. "Oh God, Charlie! What about him? We need to go see if he's ok."

"He's alright, he's alright," he tries to calm her, "Charlie and Lou are going to look get him, we'll meet them at base," Jack tries to reassure her.

Calming down she starts to shake, the situation pressing down on her. Noticing Jack quickly reaches over and pulls her into a hug. Very lightly she whispers, he had to lean down to catch it, "I want answers." Sirens sounding in the distance and getting louder as they got closer.

Voices outside the door breaks the moment, the back up Jack called had gotten here before the police.


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2012-04-17 10:50 pm
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Jusst Another AU Fic (2/?)

Title: Just Another AU Fic
Disclaimer: Don't own anything....
Rating: T
Summary: Sam and Jack are unaware of each others part in the Stargate Program. They are married and have a kid. But a Kinsley conspiracy will test their marriage, their trust, and each other. It's a definite AU one, as my title points out. REVISED!

Chapter 2

At the sink, Sam is washing the dishes when the phone rings.

"O'Neill residence," Sam answers the phone.

"Why hello Samantha," comes a voice over the phone, full of playfulness.

Speechless she is frozen, limbs locked in place as she hears a voice she longed to hear but she snaps out of it a moment later, "Jack…" she whispers.

"For a moment there you had me worried. I'm on my way home now. I just wanted to call and hear your voice," Jack tells his wife hoping she won't be mad.

"Worried, why would I be worried?" Sam asks. "You were supposed to be home two days ago. What's the cover story this time?" she demands angrily. Does she really want to know? "No wait; don't tell me, I'd rather remain oblivious."

"Sam..." he trails off, rubbing his hand through is hair in frustration. "I'm sorry, there was really nothing I could do," Jack apologizes mentally checking if he forgot something important. Coming up with nothing he decides to wait till he gets home to see if he's in trouble.

Exhausted all of a sudden she explains, "I didn't mean to yell, it's been a long few days."

Now being a good time, Jack changes the subject, "What time is Charlie's game today?"

"At 4 o'clock, you're still coming right?"


"So when do you think you're going to be home by today? Or are we just going to meet at the game?"

"I'm actually on my way home now; I should be there in about ten, maybe fifteen minutes."

Seeing her computer start to flash and beep. She is receiving an incoming message. Sam knows she has to cut this conversation short, "ok see you then, I love you, buh bye." Once the phone is hung up, she walks over to her computer and flips it up, "Yes Walter what is it?" she asks as she waits Walter Harriman's face to appears on screen. The audio is always ahead of the pictures at first.

"Sorry to interrupt you Dr. Carter, but we have a situation here that requires your expertise. A team is stranded off world and their DHD is broken," Walter informs her, "We need you to walk us through on how to fix it," not bothering to tell her the scientists, really just Mckay, decided they didn't need the notes and threw them away. Even when it could come in handy, they don't know a good thing when they see it, especially at a time like this.

"Go to the diagnostic screen … And that should do it," Sam finished her long technobable speech. Remembering what she was working on the day before, she trails off, "Oh I have the new improvements for the dialing program ready to..."

From the front of the house she faintly hears the front door sounding as if it has been opened and closed. Hearing her husband call out, "Honey I'm home." Sam quickly ends the conference short. "Sorry Walter but I have to go. I'll just send the programming in." She then cuts the connection and starts the shutting down process thinking that was close. I thought he said ten minutes, looking at the clock she deduced that she spent about twenty minutes talking. Well time fly's when you're working. Getting up she walks towards the living room where she spots Jack, in no time they're in each other's arms kissing.

When they pull apart their foreheads are connected. Looking up into his eyes, Sam greets her husband, "Hi."

"Hello to you too," he responds. Curious about the voices he heard walking inside he asks, "Who were you talking to?"

Quickly, maybe too quickly Sam replies, "No one, I have just been cleaning up." Walking out of his arms she notices the time, they were going to be late for Charlie's game if they did not hurry! "Jack you need to go get changed and cleaned up. We need to leave in twenty minutes."

Confused Jack just stares at her, "Are you saying I smell?" Devilish thoughts enter his head. Before she could get away he grabs her around the waist and pulls her to him. "We have twenty minutes? Well it only takes me five to get cleaned up…" Jack trails off.

Sam pushes him away, her smile and laughter taking away the rejection of her actions, "Hold it right there flyboy. It is our turn to provide snacks. You go clean up and I will finish the snacks." As he walked by her to go upstairs she swatted him on the backside and she runs the other way to the kitchen. He thought better of chasing after her.

Ten minutes later Jack was back down. "Ready," he announced as he walked into the kitchen thinking he had to grab the snacks.

"Just let me grab my coat," she replied.

He watched her go to the closet and pull out a coat and put it on, but instead of heading back towards him, she moved towards the front door calling as she went, "Coming honey?" Puzzled he called, "What about the snacks?"

"There already in the car," she called back. A few seconds later he catches up with her coat already on, house locked.

With everything locked up Jack puts his hand on the small of her back and together they head to the car. In the corner of his eye Jack catches a piece of reflecting glass off in the distance. Before he can react and go with his gut shots ranged out, seeming to be coming from multiple directions and the yelling started.


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2012-04-16 05:00 pm
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Just Another AU Fic (1/?)

Title: Just Another AU Fic
Disclaimer: Don't own anything....
Rating: T
Summary: Sam and Jack are unaware of each others part in the Stargate Program. They are married and have a kid. But a Kinsley conspiracy will test their marriage, their trust, and each other. It's a definite AU one, as my title points out. REVISED!
Notes: My sister has been bugging me to finish this... so... here goes my third attempt at writing it. This story is posted on FF under my other user name.

Chapter 1


Stepping around the couch a woman feels a sharp pain on the bottom of her right foot, "Ouch, Charlie you really need to stop leaving your toys all over the place," Dr. Samantha Carter yells to her son from the empty room, "Hurry up, we have to leave in five minutes."

Seven year old Charlie O'Neill was upstairs looking for something; injecting some whining into his voice he calls back "Moomm, I can't find my homework!"

Exasperated Sam sighs, "Did you try your desk? What about the kitchen?" She grins at this; he's too much like his father, never remembering a thing.

"What did you say," a voice sounded from behind her.

Not realizing she had said that aloud, she turns around quickly as Sam quickly backtracks, "Nothing, Come on we're going to be late again." She leads Charlie out of the kitchen and takes a sweep of the kitchen. Noting the dishes need to be done and the laundry needs to be folded, she adds them to the top of her list of things to do when she back as she puts on her coat. Her work allows her to work from home, which really works with having a kid. It is only sometimes that she needs to go in and fix some problem. But that only happens rarely. Which is kind of disappointing, it would be an overall thrill to work up close and personal with such an amazing device. Once she gets Charlie off to school, she comes back home and conference calls with the technicians there. Which if they don't hurry she will be late for todays. Remembering the reason for the tardiness she asks him, "Did you find your homework?"

"Yep, I still don't see why I have to do it, I mean its work. I don't need to know how to write, I'm told I can be very creative," came the reply. Usually when that happens he is being yelled at.

"Charlie! Ask your father. Writing is a very important skill to have," before she could go on Sam is interrupted.

With a growing smirk on his face Charlie interrupts, "Dad hates writing." At the mentioning of his dad, his face grows worried, "When is dad coming home, he's going to miss my game."

Equally as worried, Sam sympathizes. Being a training officer should not include this much unknowing and fear. Her husband should have been home by now; it makes one wonder if this is all worth it. The lies get equally tiring as the worry. She had enough of them when he was Special Forces. But this was supposed to be a permanent assignment. It doesn't seem that way. Maybe she will have to act.

At the SGC

"Unscheduled off-world activation" came over the intercom. General George Hammond heard it clear as a sunny day in his office. It drew him out of the upcoming event. The president's upcoming visit is a big stress causer. The security detail is a pain. The secret service are not willing to let the president go anywhere without them. It is difficult because they cannot have access to all floors in which the president wants access to. Yet, the reception is the cause of his current headache. He puts his paperwork aside and goes to investigate.

"Who is it?" General Hammond demanded as he walked down the control room stairs into the control room. SG-1 and SG-2 are two days late and that's never a good sign. The resent quiet activity of the Gou'ld has everyone worried, so precautions must be taken. Those include sending out two teams on the same mission instead of the normal, sending one team. Even on scouting missions, like the one SG-1 is currently on. Originally they were supposed to go alone but the decision was made to have Ferretti's team accompany them.

"SG-1's IDC sir," Walter informed the worried general, silently wishing it had been nothing serious delaying them. Late teams always strike fear into everyone's hearts.

"Open the iris," the general ordered.

With the iris opening the event horizon rippled and out walked, dripping wet and looking none too happy about it, SG-1, which consist of Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Major Charles Kawalsky, and SG-2, which consist of Major Louis Ferretti, Lieutenants Kyle Green and Fred Goodwin, and Dr. Sara Copper.

"Welcome home people." Without giving them time to respond, the general immediately demanded, "What was with the hold up?"

"We had to wait out the storm but when it showed sign of not letting up we decided to high tail it back here," Colonel Jack O'Neill reported, sounding just as unhappy as he looked, soaking wet and dripping all over the gate room, tired eyes and a frown permanently resting on his face. As Hammond dismissed them he stated, "Briefing at 0900 tomorrow."

Using the rest of his energy he heads towards the infirmary for the mandatory check and then home to his wife and kid. By the time he is done, he hopes to be able to make Charlie's game. The last few times he has been home things have been tense. Sam is mad for some reason. She has not come right out and said anything but it is the little things he noticed. She won't willingly instigate conversation. She turns her back at night, goes to sleep before he reaches the bedroom. They used to lay there and talk about anything and everything, now there is none of that. The last few conversations we tried to have, have ended in arguments. Charlie has not heard any of them so far, yet Jack knows it is only a matter of time. Maybe he'll give her a call once he reaches the infirmary.


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2012-04-16 12:44 am
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Switch It Up (1/?)


Title: Switch It Up
Words: 759
Disclaimer: Don't own anything....
Rating: PG-13 (might change..haven't decided yet)
Summary: Ever wonder what would be different if Deeks wasn't the LAPD Liason... Someone else was....


This little series will follow the episodes in timeline form... Story will have some differences. This story is unbeta'd, so all mistakes are mine. All research for this came from MMA Fighting for Dummies : )

Warning: This story will contain spoilers for Season 1 Episode 19: Hand-to-Hand and include some dialogue from the ep...

Part 1: The Beginning

Sweat, sweat, and more sweat assaulted her nose as she climbed the stairs towards the Blood & Guts Warriors gym. Taking a moment once she reached the top step, Kylie took a breath before she headed further into the gym. Wide eyed, she took in all the equipment and training taking place. For a second she paused, almost unsure of what to do next, with a nervous look dancing across her eyes.  

"Don't wait! Don't wait! Come on!"

Jumping in the air, she swung her eye's around to locate the noise that broke through her wall. For a moment there she second guessed herself, but quickly dismissed the idea. She can take care of herself, she's been doing that for half her life. Taking a deep breathe she continued into the room, a single destination on her mind.

"He gives you his back, get those hooks in."

Bingo... Step one, locate the boss: Complete. Step two: a little bit more difficult. With Victor Janklow in her sights, she came to a stop couple feet from the cage where Janklow was currently coaching two people who were sparring. Five... Four.... Three.... Two....

"Hey, can I help you with something?" Adding another voice into the misc, she turned towards the sound. Sweet... A girl could get used to this. This voice belonged to a man in his late 20s early 30s with a buzz cut, that was tethering on the edge of buzz. She could tell his hair was brown, what little you could see of it. He had brown eyes that you could see the held a secret and judging by the circles under his eyes said secret was weighing him down.

"Hi!" she starts. A goofy smile spreads across her lips, turning on the charm,  "Hello..."

"Can I help you with something?" He repeats, seeming distracted now, so that leaves the charm out for now. Time for Plan B.

"Yeah," Shaking herself out of the funk she got put in, Kylie held out her hand, "Sorry... It's been a really long day. I'm looking for the one who runs this place..." she trails off.

"Ahh... One of those days..." he says as he shakes her hand.

"You too huh?" she quips back.

A smirk was his only answer. She may have to rethink plan A, thinking to herself as his eyes wander, which he is making no move to hide the fact. Starting from her brunette hair and wandering down her face, stopping for a moment to looking into her eyes and continuing down her purple tank and the denim shorts she decided to throw on this morning. His eyes come to rest on the matching purple flip flops. But what really catches his eye is the brightly pink colored toe nails. At that sight he raises an eyebrow while locking eyes with this mysterious woman. As though he's trying to figure her out, she just doesn't seem the type.

"Daniel Zuna."

"Kylie Blake."

"Well Kylie... What's a girl like you doing here?"

No giving anything away, she just smirks. Exactly as he had done before.

Sighing he points in the direction she was originally heading, "Boss is the one yelling."

"Thanks, see you around," with that she gives him a small sincere smile and walks in her original direction. Of course I get stuck with the assignment no one wants. This is going to be a long few months. Finishing that last foot in her walk she resigns herself to icepacks and lots of beer, with a side of ice cream.

"You want to train, it's 60 bucks a month. You bring your own gear, and we got no women's locker room, so you'll have to change in your car, all right?" Janklow started as he noticed her, then turned back to continue watching his people spar. Almost as though he believes those are enough words to send her running like it has done everybody else. But his attention is quickly back on her when she speaks again.

"Where do I sign up?" Maybe a girl can have some fun afterall.

Anyone have any theories yet?

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2012-04-16 12:34 am
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Ah Ha!

Well I finally figured out what to do with my journal here... I decide that I'm going to post my writings here on dw. This will give me a chance to edit and reedit again before I end up posting them anywhere else.

Maybe this will actually allow me to be able to fill my journal up! And not leave it postless for months at a time.... Here's hoping :D
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2012-04-15 07:52 pm

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