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Title: Switch It Up
Words: 759
Disclaimer: Don't own anything....
Rating: PG-13 (might change..haven't decided yet)
Summary: Ever wonder what would be different if Deeks wasn't the LAPD Liason... Someone else was....


This little series will follow the episodes in timeline form... Story will have some differences. This story is unbeta'd, so all mistakes are mine. All research for this came from MMA Fighting for Dummies : )

Warning: This story will contain spoilers for Season 1 Episode 19: Hand-to-Hand and include some dialogue from the ep...

Part 1: The Beginning

Sweat, sweat, and more sweat assaulted her nose as she climbed the stairs towards the Blood & Guts Warriors gym. Taking a moment once she reached the top step, Kylie took a breath before she headed further into the gym. Wide eyed, she took in all the equipment and training taking place. For a second she paused, almost unsure of what to do next, with a nervous look dancing across her eyes.  

"Don't wait! Don't wait! Come on!"

Jumping in the air, she swung her eye's around to locate the noise that broke through her wall. For a moment there she second guessed herself, but quickly dismissed the idea. She can take care of herself, she's been doing that for half her life. Taking a deep breathe she continued into the room, a single destination on her mind.

"He gives you his back, get those hooks in."

Bingo... Step one, locate the boss: Complete. Step two: a little bit more difficult. With Victor Janklow in her sights, she came to a stop couple feet from the cage where Janklow was currently coaching two people who were sparring. Five... Four.... Three.... Two....

"Hey, can I help you with something?" Adding another voice into the misc, she turned towards the sound. Sweet... A girl could get used to this. This voice belonged to a man in his late 20s early 30s with a buzz cut, that was tethering on the edge of buzz. She could tell his hair was brown, what little you could see of it. He had brown eyes that you could see the held a secret and judging by the circles under his eyes said secret was weighing him down.

"Hi!" she starts. A goofy smile spreads across her lips, turning on the charm,  "Hello..."

"Can I help you with something?" He repeats, seeming distracted now, so that leaves the charm out for now. Time for Plan B.

"Yeah," Shaking herself out of the funk she got put in, Kylie held out her hand, "Sorry... It's been a really long day. I'm looking for the one who runs this place..." she trails off.

"Ahh... One of those days..." he says as he shakes her hand.

"You too huh?" she quips back.

A smirk was his only answer. She may have to rethink plan A, thinking to herself as his eyes wander, which he is making no move to hide the fact. Starting from her brunette hair and wandering down her face, stopping for a moment to looking into her eyes and continuing down her purple tank and the denim shorts she decided to throw on this morning. His eyes come to rest on the matching purple flip flops. But what really catches his eye is the brightly pink colored toe nails. At that sight he raises an eyebrow while locking eyes with this mysterious woman. As though he's trying to figure her out, she just doesn't seem the type.

"Daniel Zuna."

"Kylie Blake."

"Well Kylie... What's a girl like you doing here?"

No giving anything away, she just smirks. Exactly as he had done before.

Sighing he points in the direction she was originally heading, "Boss is the one yelling."

"Thanks, see you around," with that she gives him a small sincere smile and walks in her original direction. Of course I get stuck with the assignment no one wants. This is going to be a long few months. Finishing that last foot in her walk she resigns herself to icepacks and lots of beer, with a side of ice cream.

"You want to train, it's 60 bucks a month. You bring your own gear, and we got no women's locker room, so you'll have to change in your car, all right?" Janklow started as he noticed her, then turned back to continue watching his people spar. Almost as though he believes those are enough words to send her running like it has done everybody else. But his attention is quickly back on her when she speaks again.

"Where do I sign up?" Maybe a girl can have some fun afterall.

Anyone have any theories yet?

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